Control technology VIP-OPS system
Control technology
VIP-OPS system

Control technology / VIP-OPS system

To provide a high level of flexibility we use all types of PLC systems and PC-based control systems, including CNC controllers.

Open interfaces and production data acquisition for handover to external computer systems are also part of our portfolio, as is visualisation through high-resolution touch screen displays. We place great importance on easy operation and communication between man and machine.

Something that is particularly worth mentioning is our VIP-OPS system.

With the VIP-OPS system developed by us, it is possible to completely control robots and entire machines via a PLC. This means that team members no longer have to worry about cumbersome programming tasks for various peripherals or intermediate interfaces (Profibus, Profinet etc.) of individual components.

This system gives customers a technical situation that is unique to the current market. As robot programming experience and CNC experience is now no longer needed, the customer also no longer has to rely on specialists to resolve any issues. In addition, the system offers users the opportunity to create their own programmes quickly and easily.

This is very useful in the event of any component modifications, for example, and the customer can save a significant amount of money. In the meantime, the OPS can process timecards or so-called operation passes which then allow users to access the machine.

This rids users of the need for passwords which could be passed on inside the company, allowing unauthorised persons access to the machine. Orders can be automatically scanned in, which means that serial numbers can then be generated and sent to customers through an SQL database.

Highly innovative, up-to-date and completely unique, this system is connected with a laser welding of any components where the quality of the welded joints is monitored inline during the welding process and evaluated by a QA system. Afterwards a serial number is generated, and this is marked on the finished component with a laser.

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