Laser technology

Laser technology is a fast growing technology with many applications like laser welding, laser cutting and laser marking. We are laser integrators for your special purpose machine.

VIP GmbH is not limited to integrate lasers of a special supplier. We use lasers of different types, manufactured by different laser manufacturers. According to the application we can for example integrate fiber lasers, Nd:YAG-Lasers or Yb:YAG-thin disk lasers.

VIP: Service provider and integrator of material processing solutions based on CAVIPRO technology (

Our expertise in laser technology are targeted by powerful partnerships such as Christoph Deininger strengthened, which has detailed expertise on laser sources and laser procedures.

The most crucial task is to thoroughly tailor the machine solution to the particular application. This leads for example to the selection of the best suiting laser type and to the correct dimension of the laser.

The photographs show experimental setups for laser material treatment and a microscopic image of a laser welded seam.

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