Leakage testing technology

One special field for VIP GmbH is the leakage testing technology. We are well versed in the usage of different leakage testing methods, especially those based on helium and mass spectrometer, but also for under water methods.

Technology of highest precision allows us to produce easy to maintain and completely gas sealed systems and setups. Leakage rates of 10-8 mbar/l/s can be detected due to a self developed measurement method. The reliability of the measurement results is maintained by our calibration service for test leakages. Therefore we use a measuring room which is frequently checked by the Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD). Our self-developed software with good visualization allows easy operation of the systems.

You benefit also in this field from our modular concept for customer-tailored solutions: Special add-ons allow the adaptation of a basic machine to different demands.

It is self-evident that we offer competent technical support for different vacuum components.

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